Meet Lyn

           My name is Lyndsey Wilson; born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. I currently reside in Smyrna, Georgia. Yarn dyeing is my superpower. I was first introduced to the world of fiber art through my “bonus mom” who taught me how to crochet. Not too long after that, I learned that my late great-grandmother Bernice also crocheted and that working with yarn was part of my own family history. I eventually taught myself how to knit. It's been a therapeutic hobby of mine for over a decade.

          While living on the West coast for a number of years, I met a lot of amazing people who instantly became my family in the yarn community. I lived in Las Vegas for a few years and if I was not flying, I practically lived at the Sin City Knit Shop because they had open knitting every day! I discovered hand dyed yarn when I met Tanya from Pink Adobe Dyeworks; her colorways were always beautiful! That's when I knew I wanted to learn how to dye yarn. I eventually moved to Los Angeles (because I wanted to) in 2018. In the midst of the pandemic I learned how to dye yarn at The Knitting Tree in Inglewood, California. I was given a scholarship to learn how to dye yarn so I viewed it as a once in a lifetime opportunity because normally classes like this can be expensive!

           Inconveniently, when I was selected, I was no longer living in Los Angeles. I was determined to complete this course, regardless of circumstances. I would fly to Los Angeles after my work trip once a month, rent a car, stay at my old roommates' house, attend the course, and then fly out the next day. I did this for almost 6 months! At the end of the course we had a trunk show and the rest is history!

           The Knitting Tree in LA holds a special place in my heart because of the amount of love, time, and opportunities they have given me and other up-and-coming yarn artists/dyers. It has been overwhelmingly beautiful how they have been true mentors in supporting my path as a woman of color in the yarn dyeing industry.

           If you told me that I was going to actually be successful in this industry, I probably would've looked at you like you were crazy. I'm extremely proud of myself and I love my craft. I have a whole ritual when it's time to start dyeing yarn. I set a goal for myself; when my goal has been accomplished; I treat myself to sushi. I tell Alexa to play either 90’s R&B music or jazz; depending on what mood I’m in at that moment. I usually start by using a color that I haven’t used and then that’s when the inspiration takes place. Inspiration oddly comes into play AFTER the dye hits the water; but the result is so beautiful. The process is BEAUTIFUL. The journey is beautiful and I’m so happy to share it with the world.